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Training New Fellows
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“At the end of the day, there's no class that can teach somebody how to teach. You have to go out there and do it. The Fellows provides you with that opportunity…  It's perfect for people who are go-getters, people who want to do good and do it well.” – 2012 Fellow


Pre-Service Training

You will begin your commitment in early to mid-June with a rigorous pre-service training program that is centered on active practice of foundational teaching skills and classroom experience. Your home base will be a Training Academy hosted by an NYC summer school, where, together with other Fellows, experienced NYC teachers, and trained NYCTF staff, you will be responsible for supporting the academic growth of NYC summer school students. 


At your Training Academy, you will attend daily skill-building sessions to learn proven techniques that great teachers use every day, practice these new skills with your peers, and then immediately apply them when working with your students. Skill-building sessions are taught by a Lead Instructor, who will model teaching skills and provide specific, direct feedback to help you improve in the moment.


In addition, you will be paired with a coach who is an experienced teacher with a track record of raising student achievement. Your coach will support you by observing you in your classroom, providing you with concrete, individualized feedback, and using live, in-lesson coaching to support your growth.


Throughout pre-service training, your coach and Lead Instructor will work together to help you grow quickly in the foundational skills that you are learning, with the goal of preparing you to deliver challenging, Common Core aligned instruction. You must demonstrate an emerging proficiency in these skills by the end of pre-service training in order to successfully complete training and be eligible to teach in the fall.


Raising the Bar

Our training is tough, but that’s because we know that teacher quality is the most important factor in raising student achievement. Only individuals with clear potential to be successful new teachers will earn the privilege of entering the classroom at the end of pre-service training. By holding a high bar and helping you to meet it, we ensure that the students of New York City get the great teachers they need and deserve.


Training Schedule

Pre-service training is a full-time commitment, running from approximately 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM each weekday. The program is extremely demanding and does not allow for absences. Fellows will find that the training schedule is far too intense to hold a separate job during the training period.


During August, there will be additional professional development opportunities in which you will be expected to participate in for NYCTF, your university, and possibly your hiring school.


Fellows participating in a science or math immersion program will be required to report to their university two weeks prior to pre-service training for content coursework. Participation in all components of immersion coursework is mandatory.


“Because my Coach watches me in the classroom, and we work together one-on-one, I really feel like I have improved significantly over this short period of field experience. She provides specific moments in the classroom where I could've done things differently, and where I did things well. She understands completely the realities of the summer school classroom, and gives great advice for handling both the real and perceived barriers students encounter.” 

- 2013 Teaching Fellow


Ongoing Support

Fellows create a culture of constant learning and excitement from the moment they step into their classrooms. They take advantage of the many supports and resources available to them from other Fellows, their schools, their university programs, and NYC, and work tirelessly to find the tools that will benefit their students the most.

  • School-based: Like all other new teachers, each Fellow is assigned a mentor from his/her school who is an experienced, successful teacher. Mentors and Fellows work as a team to target the essential areas for improvement and develop strategies and solutions that will maximize benefit to students.
  • University: Each Fellow is observed approximately 10 times throughout the year by university staff who provide feedback and work with them one-on-one to elevate their teaching practice.
  • Fellows Network: Fellows rely on their intelligent, creative, and innovative fellow Fellows as an essential resource throughout their teaching careers. They share resources, lesson plans, field trip opportunities, and professional development opportunities with each other to benefit their students.



“It is a wonderful gift to know that I am a part of a fellowship that continues to help me develop in and out of the classroom. I am doing more today than I ever thought possible, the opportunities in teaching through the NYC Teaching Fellows Program are endless, and that is why I am proud to be a part of this organization.” – Marilyn Rodriguez, 2006 Fellow


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