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Finding a Position
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The NYC Department of Education includes nearly 1,800 schools across its five boroughs, ranging in size from 200 to 4,000 students. Each school is its own unique learning community, varying in theme, student population, and culture. The NYC Teaching Fellows program enables Fellows to learn about these dynamic environments and find teaching positions where they are able to make a dramatic impact on student achievement.


Finding a Position in a High-Need School

Teaching Fellows are empowered to find positions at schools that are a great fit for them where they can grow in their careers. Teaching Fellows are not assigned to schools by the Fellows program, they are hired through a process of mutual consent, meaning that both the principal and Fellow agree to the hiring decision. This process facilitates better long-term matches for both schools and teachers and is a major reason why over 55% of Fellows are still teaching in New York City public schools after five years.


Fellows are eligible to be hired at any school in the NYC Department of Education, and they focus their job searches in low-income and hard-to-staff communities. These include schools that receive Title I funding due to a high number of students eligible to receive free or reduced-price lunch, as well as schools in outlying communities of Brooklyn and the Bronx where administrators struggle to attract and retain top-quality talent. Schools may also be considered high-need when they confront a single obstacle (such as low graduation rates) or when they face a combination of circumstances (such as their geographic location and a high proportion of English Language Learners). Most Fellows secure positions in the highest-need boroughs of Brooklyn and the Bronx.


Principals are eager to hire Fellows. As one principal wrote, “Principals know that when they hire a Fellow they are hiring someone who will become an effective teacher who will take advantage of every opportunity possible to make dramatic gains with their students.” 96% of our June 2015 cohort of Fellows secured teaching positions by the first day of school.


Job Search Resources

Fellows are high achievers who take advantage of the many resources provided by the Teaching Fellows program during their job search. The New York City Teaching Fellows program connects Fellows to online job postings, school interview events, NYC Department of Education job fairs, and individual principals. The program also offers interviewing workshops, resume workshops, demonstration lesson workshops, job search overview webinars, and a comprehensive guide to the job search.


In New York City hiring for new teachers occurs late in the summer, and most Fellows secure teaching positions near the start of the school year in August and September.


Learn about the salary and benefits Fellows earn as teachers in New York City.


The City as a Classroom

New York City public schools join with over 200 arts and cultural organizations across the city to bring the vibrancy of New York into classrooms. Some schools are theme-based, including the Bronx School for Law, Government, and Justice, the New Millennium Business Academy Middle School, and the Urban Academy School for Criminal Justice.


These schools unite the curriculum around themes including technology, performing arts, or medicine, and draw students from all over the city. Other schools serve students from particular districts or populations.  With such a wide variety of schools, each student and teacher is able to find a school where their unique skills are appreciated.


Fellow Jesse, a New York City public schools alum, studied Environmental Science in college before joining the Teaching Fellows. Now he teaches science at the Academy of Environmental Science in the Bronx.


New York City public school principals talk about the growing reputation and impact of the NYC Teaching Fellows program on their schools.