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Spring Classroom Apprenticeship
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“The Spring Classroom Apprenticeship was the single most helpful thing that I did. It was amazing to be in front of a real classroom, with real New York City students.” – 2011 Spring Classroom Apprenticeship Participant


The Spring Classroom Apprenticeship is an extended ten-week training that provides Fellows with an opportunity to gain classroom experience during the regular school year. Fellows participating in the Spring Classroom Apprenticeship also take part in summer pre-service training.



The Spring Classroom Apprenticeship provides a small group of Fellows the opportunity to gain valuable, hands-on experience in a New York City public school classroom during the regular school year.


The Spring Classroom Apprenticeship consists of two main components:

  • Classroom Observation and Teaching: Fellows participating in the Spring Classroom Apprenticeship work full-time alongside a Cooperating Teacher with a record of raising student achievement in high-need schools. Fellows spend the first half of the Apprenticeship working with small groups of students and take on lead - teaching responsibilities during the second half of the Apprenticeship.
  • Debrief Sessions: Fellows participate in a weekly skill-building session with other Apprentices. This session is led by a teacher who is a content area expert and has experience raising student achievement in high-need schools. Fellows will learn the skills to effectively work with students in small groups, including motivating students, keeping them on task academically, checking for student understanding, and remediating for students who are behind. Fellows will spend time building the foundational skills to plan and deliver Common Core aligned lessons and to lead an urgent, high-achieving classroom.

Program Details

2014 Spring Classroom Apprenticeship will work in math, science, special education, and English classrooms and will work with middle and high school students.


Special Education Classroom Apprenticeship: 

Approximately 16 percent of New York City’s more than one million students received special education services during the 2012-2013 school year. 

While the regular pre-service training program offers Fellows the opportunity to work in a summer school classroom, programs for students with special needs do not operate during summer school in New York City.


As a result, special education staff and instruction in summer school looks considerably different than during the regular school year. While summer field training is still an extremely valuable experience, participants in the Spring Classroom Apprenticeship are well-positioned to experience a special education setting as it takes place during the regular school year.

Learn more about teaching special education in New York City.



While applicants are encouraged to participate in the Spring Classroom Apprenticeship, we recognize that only a small group of Fellows will be able to take advantage of this initiative. Participation will be determined on a case-by-case basis and not all eligible and available applicants will be selected. Applicants must have applied by January 6th in order to be considered for the Spring Classroom Apprenticeship.


Please note, the Science and Math Immersion programs take place separately from the Spring Classroom Apprenticeship and it is possible to participate in both.


The NYC Teaching Fellows program has trained thousands of Fellows to be highly successful in the classroom through the traditional pre-service training program. Inability to participate in the Spring Classroom Apprenticeship will in no way impact an applicant’s eligibility to become a NYC Teaching Fellow.