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At NYC Teaching Fellows, there’s no one ideal candidate. A strong candidate may have built a successful career in business or engineering and now wishes to give back as a teacher. They could be a high-achieving recent graduate who majored in economics or physics and now wants to share their passion for these subjects with NYC students. Whatever their background, they believe that every student can achieve at a high-level and will do whatever it takes to help them get there.

We review every application carefully, looking for candidates who: 

  • Believe in social justice. They want to address and rectify the inequalities plaguing NYC communities.
  • Crave feedback. They strive to be the best they can be at any challenge they undertake. 
  • Understand the power of practice. They work deliberately to perfect new techniques. 
  • Think on their feet. They can quickly devise solutions to unexpected challenges. 
  • Want to work hard and have fun. They will bring passion and joy to their classrooms, inspiring achievement and a real love of learning. 

Fellows are committed to their students, and enter the program with the desire to make a lasting impact for the students who need excellent teachers the most. They put student learning front and center - believing every student can achieve at high levels and doing whatever it takes to help them get there.


“As teachers, we’re blessed that whatever it IS that we are good at can be brought purposefully and productively into the classroom. Are you analytical and a whiz with numbers? Are you crafty and like to make the gifts you give? Can you tell a story? Are you good at summarizing texts? We need you! Do you mind telling corny jokes? Are you a fierce advocate for social justice? Can you speak another language? Whatever ability or asset you have, your kids will draw it out of you and put it to work. This job will stretch not only your expectations for students but your sense of self as well.” – Anthony, 2005 Fellow