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June 2013 Program Overview
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Application Process

  • All applications must be submitted electronically through the NYC Teaching Fellows online application.
  • A complete application includes an online application form, transcript copies (official or unofficial), a resume, and two essays. Learn more about our application process.
  • Transcripts can be official or unofficial. Official transcripts are certified and sealed by the university, and unofficial transcripts are provided by the university to the student. Unofficial copies are often available online to students. Either type of transcript is acceptable for application to the Fellows program.
  • A select group of candidates will be invited to interview. The interview will include a math assessment, a teaching sample, a discussion with other candidates, a written response, and a personal interview.


Pre-service Training

  • Pre-service training for June 2013 Fellows will begin June 17th and run through August 2nd. During training, Fellows will complete fieldwork in summer school classrooms, attend university coursework, and participate in small group advisory sessions with other Fellows. Learn more about pre-service training.
  • Science and Math Immersion Fellows will have an additional two weeks of training prior to regular pre-service training. 
  • Fellows who apply by January 7th have the option to indicate their interest in the Spring Classroom Apprenticeship, a ten weeks training experience in a NYC classroom that takes place prior to the start of summer training.



  • June 2013 Fellows who complete pre-service training will receive a nontaxable stipend of $2500 to offset living costs.

Master’s Degree

  • The Fellowship will subsidize most of the costs of tuition for the master's degree in education for all June 2013 Fellows. Fellows will be responsible for a portion of their tuition costs to be paid through regular paycheck deductions over the course of approximately two years. June 2013 Fellows will be responsible for $7500 of the total cost of their master's programs.
  • June 2013 Fellows begin coursework during pre-service training in summer 2013. Fellows must meet university admissions requirements.
  • More information about our university programs will be available upon enrollment. Learn more about the subsidized master’s degree.

Job Search and Teaching Position

  • Fellows find their own school-level teaching positions. To support Fellows in their job search, the NYC Teaching Fellows program provides online tools and resources and connects Fellows to teacher recruitment fairs and smaller school-based interview events.  
  • Each Fellow is assigned a subject area and will be directed to a particular  borough within which s/he will look for a school-level position. Most Fellows secure positions in either Brooklyn or the Bronx. The NYC Teaching Fellows program does not assign Fellows to individual schools. 
  • June 2013 Fellows who successfully complete pre-service training and pass the required tests must secure a full-time, school-level position in order to become an employee of the NYC Department of Education and continue in the Fellowship. Learn more about the job search process.


Salary and Benefits

  • Fellows earn the same starting salary as all other beginning teachers in New York City public schools and are eligible to receive full benefits.
  • During the 2013-2014 school year, a Fellow with only a bachelor's degree and no additional coursework can expect to earn an annual salary of $45,530Learn more about salary and benefits.

Are you interested in speaking with a current NYC Teaching Fellow? Click here to submit your request  and a current NYC Teaching Fellow will reach out to you via telephone within two weeks. Prospective applicants are not required to speak with a current Fellow as part of the application process.